destination after Beta: Modifier Change


Make offset for polygons with bevel in corners. Output inner and outer polygons separately.


This node has the following inputs:

  • Vers - vertices of objects
  • Pols - polygons of objects
  • offset - offset values. Vectorized for every polygon as [[f,f,f,f,f]]
  • nsides - number of rounded sides
  • radius - bevel radius. Vectorized for every polygon as [[f,f,f,f,f]]


All parameters can be given by the node or an external input. offset and radius are vectorized and they will accept single or multiple values.

Param Type Default Description
offset Float 0.04 offset values.
nsides Integer 1 number of rounded sides.
radius Float 0.04 bevel radius.


This node has the following outputs:

  • Vers
  • Edgs
  • OutPols - get polygons that lay in outer polygon’s line.
  • InPols - get polygons that lay in inner polygon’s line.

Examples of usage

Offset and radius are defined by distance between point and polygon’s center, divided by some number:

Parameters’ cases, that make different polygons (decomposer list node used to separate):

Upper image can be defined by one offset and list (range) of numbers, plugget to offset/radius, wich are vectorised: