Bricks Grid

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This node generates bricks-like grid, i.e. a grid each row of which is shifted with relation to another. It is also possible to specify toothing, so it will be like engaged bricks. All parameters of bricks can be randomized with separate control over randomization of each parameter.

Inputs & Parameters

All parameters except for Faces mode can be given by the node or an external input. All inputs are vectorized and they will accept single or multiple values.

Param Type Default Description
Faces mode

Flat or

Stitch or



What kind of polygons to generate:

  • Flat - generate one polygon (n-gon, in general) for each brick.
  • Stitch - split each brick into several triangles, with edges going across brick.
  • Center - split each brick into triangles by adding new vertex in the center of the brick.
Unit width Float 2.0 Width of one unit (brick).
Unit height Float 1.0 Height of one unit (brick).
Width Float 10.0 Width of overall grid.
Height Float 10.0 Height of overall grid.
Toothing Float 0.0 Bricks toothing amount. Default value of zero means no toothing.
Toothing random Float 0.0 Toothing randomization factor. Default value of zero means that all toothings will be equal. Maximal value of 1.0 means toothing will be random in range from zero to value of Toothing parameter.
Random U Float 0.0 Randomization amplitude along bricks rows. Default value of zero means all bricks will be of same width.
Random V Float 0.0 Randomization amplitude across bricks rows. Default value of zero means all grid rows will be of same height.
Shift Float 0.5 Brick rows shift factor. Default value of 0.5 means each row of bricks will be shifted by half of brick width in relation to previous row. Minimum value of zero means no shift.
Seed Int 0 Random seed.


This node has the following outputs:

  • Vertices
  • Edges. Note that this output will contain only edges that are between bricks, not that splitting bricks into triangles.
  • Polygons
  • Centers. Centers of bricks.

Examples of usage

Default settings:

The same with Stitch faces mode:

The same with Centers faces mode:

Using toothing parameter together with randomization, it is possible to generate something like stone wall:

A honeycomb structure:

Wooden floor:

You can also find some more examples in the development thread.