2 Point Spline


Single section Bezier Spline. Creates a Spline Curve from 2 sets of points. Analogue to the Blender native Curve object, but limited to 2 pairs of knots and control points per curve.


Parameter Type Description
num verts int per curve this sets how many verts define the curve
knot 1 Vector These place and adjust the shape of the curve. The knots are vectors on the curve, the controls are vectors to which the curve is mathematically attracted
control 1 Vector
control 2 Vector
knot 2 Vector

The node accepts these The node will adjust to make sure the length of


The Node is vectorized in the following way. If any of the knots or control points are given in a list that doesn’t match the length of the other lists, then the last value of that shorter list is repeated to match the length of the longest.

This means; if knot1, control1, knot2 are length 3, 4 and 8 and control2 is length 20 then knot1, control1, knot2 will all get their last value repeated till the full list matches 20 values.

The same filling procedure is applied to the Num Verts parameter.


  • (verts, edges) : A set of each of these that correspond with a packet of commands like ‘knot1, ctrl1, ctrl2, knot2’
  • verts needs to be connected to get output
  • edges is optional

optionals for visualizing the curve handles

  • hnd. Verts
  • hnd. Edges

Passing hnd.Verts and hnd.Edges to a ViewerDraw node helps visualize the Handles that operate on your Spline curve.


https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/619340/3362071/c3b7f346-fb05-11e3-9af7-35dfda973712.png https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/619340/3362910/c18e4eea-fb0e-11e3-9a80-4624d30c65e9.gif

See the progress of how this node came to life here (gifs, screenshots)