3 Point Arc


Given a start coordinate, a through coordinate, and an end coordinate this Node will find the Arc that passes through those points.


  • arc_pts input is [begin, mid, end, begin, mid, end, begin, mid, end..... ]

    • must be (len % 3 == 0 )
  • num verts is either

    • constant
    • unique
    • or repeats last value if the number of arcs exceeds the number of values in the num_vert list


The UI is quite minimal.

  • num verts can be changed via Slider input on the UI or as described above, it can be fed multiple values through the input sockets.


  • (verts, edges) : A set of each of these that correspond with a packet of commands like ‘start, through, end, num_verts’
  • verts needs to be connected to get output
  • edges is optional



See the progress of how this node came to life here (gifs, screenshots)

Basic example:

..image:: https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/1275858/23209252/c5936418-f8f8-11e6-8e1c-3b1bbbf83202.png