Variable Lacunarity

This node takes a list of Vectors and outputs a list of equal length containing Floats in the range -1.0 to 1.0. The seed value permits you to apply a different noise calculation to identical inputs. This nodes “_returns variable lacunarity noise value, a distorted variety of noise, from noise type 1 distorted by noise type 2 at the specified position_.”

Inputs & Parameters

Parameters Description
Noise Type

Pick between several noise types

  • Blender
  • Cell Noise
  • New Perlin
  • Standard Perlin
  • Voronoi Crackle
  • Voronoi F1
  • Voronoi F2
  • Voronoi F2F1
  • Voronoi F3
  • Voronoi F4

See mathutils.noise docs ( Noise )

Seed Accepts int values.
Distortion Accepts floats values, modulate the two noise basis.



This documentation doesn’t do the full world of noise any justice, feel free to send us layouts that you’ve made which rely on this node.