This Turbulence node takes a list of Vectors and outputs a list of equal length containing Floats in the range 0.0 to 1.0. May output scalars or vectors. For some noise types, if your output goes to the texture viewer you need to remap them, otherwise your texture will be supersaturated or undersaturated. See below ‘range table’ for a detailed description.

Inputs & Parameters

Parameters Description
Noise Function Pick between Scalar and Vector output
Noise Type

Pick between several noise types

  • Blender
  • Cell Noise
  • New Perlin
  • Standard Perlin
  • Voronoi Crackle
  • Voronoi F1
  • Voronoi F2
  • Voronoi F2F1
  • Voronoi F3
  • Voronoi F4

See mathutils.noise docs ( Noise )

Octaves Accepts integers values The number of different noise frequencies used.
Hard Accepts bool values: Hard( True ) or Soft( False ) Specifies whether returned turbulence is hard (sharp transitions) or soft (smooth transitions).
Amplitude Accepts float values. The amplitude scaling factor.
Frequency Accepts float values. The frequency scaling factor.

Range table

Scalar values from turbulence node with size(n.verts)=64x64, step=0.05, octaves=3, amplitude=0.5, frequency=2.0, random seed=0. Plug a map range node in the scalar output and map it to the desired range (min=0, max=1) as in the image below.

Noise Type median maximum minimum
Blender 0.4574402868747711 1.2575798034667969 0.0
Stdperlin 0.37063807249069214 0.972740530967712 0.0
Newperlin 0.2982039898633957 0.7674642205238342 0.0
Voronoi_F1 0.5178706049919128 1.184566617012024 0.016996487975120544
Voronoi_F2 0.9441720247268677 1.696974754333496 0.07561451196670532
Voronoi_F3 1.3248268961906433 2.267115831375122 0.24465730786323547
Voronoi_F4 1.6119314432144165 2.4261345863342285 0.7868537306785583
Voronoi_F1F2 1.0320665836334229 1.7262239456176758 0.06919857859611511
Voronoi_Crackle 1.5918831825256348 1.75 0.12337762117385864
Cellnoise 0.9668738842010498 1.5000858306884766 0.1691771298646927



Basic example with a Scalar output and Vector rewire node.


This documentation doesn’t do the full world of fractals any justice, feel free to send us layouts that you’ve made which rely on this node.