This fractal node takes a list of Vectors and outputs a list of equal length containing Floats in the range 0.0 to 1.0.

Inputs & Parameters

Parameters Description
Noise Function The node output only Scalar values
Noise Type

Pick between several noise types

  • Blender
  • Cell Noise
  • New Perlin
  • Standard Perlin
  • Voronoi Crackle
  • Voronoi F1
  • Voronoi F2
  • Voronoi F2F1
  • Voronoi F3
  • Voronoi F4

See mathutils.noise docs ( Noise )

Fractal Type

Pick between several fractal types

  • Fractal
  • MultiFractal
  • Hetero terrain
  • Ridged multi fractal
  • Hybrid multi fractal
H_factor Accepts float values, they are hashed into Integers internally.
Lacunarity Accepts float values
Octaves Accepts integers values
Offset Accepts float values
Gain Accepts float values


Basic example with a Vector rewire node.

json file:


This documentation doesn’t do the full world of fractals any justice, feel free to send us layouts that you’ve made which rely on this node.