Note node allow show custom text and convert custom text to format naming indeces of viewer_INDX. For last writing words separated with spaces will be i.e.: from A B C Name index_ output will be [ [‘A’], [‘B’], [‘C’], [‘Name’], [‘index_’] ].


Input Description
Text_in Input text to show or convert to mark indeces

Parameters extended

Param Type Description
text String Line to write custom text, will be shown in node
show_text Bool, toggle Show text line string field on node
Output socket Bool, toggle Use or not output socket
Input socket Bool, toggle Use or not input socket
From clipboard Button Use data, stored in clipboard to fill the node
To text editor Button Sent text to text editor


Output Description
Text_out Output text formatted to INDX viewer


Using hidden power of note node - output socket to name indeces in INDX viewer for any part. Vertices called as strings, can be any text.