Creates Text in NodeView using GreasePencil strokes. It has full basic English and Cyrillic Character map and several extended character types:

[ ] \ / ( ) ~ ! ? @ # $ % & ^ > < | 1234567890 - + * = _


Gtext will display whatever text is currently in the system buffer / clipboard.

UI & Parameters

Node UI

Parameter Function
Set If clipboard has text, then Set will display that text beside the GText node.
Clear This erases the GreasePencil strokes

GText Node will display the context of the clipboard after pressing the Set button. If no text is found in the clipboard it will write placeholder ‘your text here’.


Parameter Function
Get from Clipboard Gets and sets in one action, takes text from clipboard and writes to NodeView with GreasePencil
Thickness sets pixel width of the GreasePencil strokes
Font Size Scales up text and line-heights

Moving GText

To move GText strokes around in NodeView you must move the GText Node then press Set again. This may not be entirely intuitive but it hasn’t bugged us enough to do anything about it.


Outputs only to NodeView