Hexa Grid


Hexa Grid generator will create a set of staggered points suitable for creating a hexagonal grid (i.e. in conjuction with a hexagon mesh generated by the circle node).

The generated points are confined within one of the selected layouts: rectangle, triangle, diamond and hexagon.


All inputs are vectorized and they will accept single or multiple values.

  • Level [1]
  • NumX [2]
  • NumY [2]
  • Radius

Notes: [1] : Level input is available for the triangle, diamond and hexa layout types [2] : NumX, NumY are available for the rectangular layout type


The Type parameter allows to select one of the 4 layout types: RECTANGLE, TRIANGLE, DIAMOND and HEXAGON. The points will be geneated to fit within one of these layouts.

The Center parameters allows to center the grid around the origin.

All parameters except Type and Center can be given by the node or an external input.

All inputs are “sanitized” to restrict their values: - Level, NumX and NumY are integer with values >= 1 - Radius is float with value >= 0.0

Param Type Default Description
Level Int 3 Number of levels around the center point [1]
NumX Int 7 Number of points along X [2]
NumY Int 6 Number of points along Y [2]
Radius Float 1.0 Radius of the grid tile

Notes: [1] : Level input is available for the TRIANGLE, DIAMOND AND HEXAGON layout type. [2] : NumX/NumY inputs are available for the RECTANGULAR layout type.


Vertices Outputs will be generated when connected.

Example of usage