Plane MK2


Plane generator creates a grid in the plane XY/YZ or ZX, based on the number of vertices and the length between them in X and Y directions. It works in a similar way than Line, but creating a grid instead of a line.


Just like in Line Node, all inputs are vectorized and they will accept single or multiple values. There is two basic inputs N Verts and Step, but referenced to both X and Y directions, so it results in 4 inputs:

  • N Verts X
  • N Verts Y
  • Step X
  • Step Y

Same as Line, all inputs will accept a single number or an array of them or even an array of arrays:

[2, 4, 6]
[[2], [4]]


All parameters except Separate, Direction, Center, Normalize, Size X and Size Y can be given by the node or an external input.

Param Type Default Description
N Verts X Int 2 number of vertices in X. The minimum is 2.
N Verts Y Int 2 number of vertices in X. The minimum is 2.
Step X Float 1.00 length between vertices in X axis
Step Y Float 1.00 length between vertices in Y axis
Separate Boolean False grouping vertices by V direction
Direction Enum XY generate grid in XY, YZ or ZX plane
Center Boolean False center the plane around origin
Normalize Boolean False normalize the plane sizes to specific values
Size X Float 10.00 normalized plane size along X direction [1]
Size Y Float 10.00 normalized plane size along Y direction [1]

Notes: [1] - the Size X / Size Y parameters are only available when the Normalize is on.


Vertices, Edges and Polygons. All outputs will be generated. Depending on the type of the inputs, the node will generate only one or multiples independant grids.

If Separate is True, the output is totally different. The grid disappear (no more polygons are generated) and instead it generates a series of lines repeated along Y axis. See examples below to a better understanding.

Example of usage