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NGon generator creates regular (or not exactly, see below) polygons of given radius with given number of sides. As an example, it can create triangles, squares, hexagons and so on. In this sence, it is similar to Circle node.

Location of vertices can be randomized, with separate control of randomization along radius and randomization of angle. See the examples below.

Each vertex can be connected by edge to next vertex (and produce usual polygon), or some number of vertices can be skipped, to produce star-like polygons. In the last case, you most probably will want to pass output of this node to Intersect Edges node.


All inputs are vectorized and they will accept single or multiple values. This node has the following inputs:

  • Radius
  • N Sides
  • RandomR
  • RandomPhi
  • Seed
  • Shift

Same as other generators, all inputs will accept a single number, an array or even an array of arrays:

[2, 4, 6]
[[2], [4]]


All parameters can be given by the node or an external input.

Param Type Default Description
Radius Float 1.00 Radius of escribed circle. When RandomR is zero, then all vertices will be at this distance from origin.
N Sides Int 5 Number of sides of polygon to generate. With higher values and Shift = 0, RandomR = 0, RandomPhi = 0, you will get the same output as from Circle node.
RandomR Float 0.0 Amplitude of randomization of vertices along radius.
RandomPhi Float 0.0 Amplitude of randomizaiton of angles. In radians.
Seed Float 0.0 Random seed. Affects output only when RandomR != 0 or RandomPhi != 0.
Shift Int 0 Also known as “star factor”. When this is zero, each vertex is connected by edge to next one, and you will get usual polygon. Otherwise, n’th vertex will be connected to (n+shift+1)’th. In this case, you will get sort of star.


This node has the following outputs:

  • Vertices
  • Edges
  • Polygons

If Shift input is not zero, then Polygons output will be empty - this node does not create degenerated polygons.

Depending on the type of the inputs, the node will generate only one or multiples independant circles.


Sides=5, Shift=0, RandomR=0, RandomPhi=0 (default values):

Sides=6, RandomPhi=0.3:

Sides=6, RandomR=0.3:

Sides=7, Shift=1, RandomR=0.24, RandomPhi=0.15:

Sides=29, Shift=9, RandomR=0, RandomPhi=0: