Cylinder generator, as well as circle, is used to create a big variety of polyhedra based on the cyliner form: two polygons connected by a body. In the examples will see some possibilities.


All inputs are vectorized and they will accept single or multiple values. There is three inputs:

  • Radius Top
  • Radius Bottom
  • Vertices
  • Height
  • Subdivisions


All parameters except Separate and Caps can be given by the node or an external input.

Param Type Default Description
Radius Top Float 1.00 radius of the top polygon
Radius Bottom Float 1.00 radius of the bottom polygon
Vertices Int 32 number of vertices to generate top and bottom poygons
Height Float 2.00 height of the cylinder
Subdivisions Int 0 number of the height subdivisions
Separate Bollean False grouping vertices by V direction
Caps Bollean True turn on and off top and bottom cap


Vertices, Edges and Polygons. All outputs will be generated. Depending on the type of the inputs, the node will generate only one or multiples independant cylinders. If Separate is True, the only the top and the bottom polygons will be generated. With Caps with can enable or disable the top and bottom caps.

Example of usage


In this example with can see some examples of what can be done with this node.