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Displays indices of incoming geometry, much like what is possible in the debug mode of Blender. The individual indices of Vertices, Edges and Faces can be displayed with and without a small background polygon to help contrast the index numbers and the 3d view color.


This node Accepts sets of Verts, Edges, Faces, and Matrices. In addition it accepts a Text input to display Strings at the locations passed in through the Vertices socket.



parameters type description
show bool activation of the node
background bool display background polygons beneath each numeric (element of text)
verts, edges, faces multi bool set of toggles to choose which of the inputs are displayed.
Bake * operator bake text to blender geometry objects
Font Size * float size of baked text
Font * string font used to bake (import fonts to scene if you wish to use anything other than BFont)

* - only used for baking text meshes, not 3dview printing

In the Properties Panel (N-Panel) of this active node, it is possible to specifiy the colors of text and background polygons.


parameters type description
colors font color colors for vertices, edges, polygons
colors background color colors for vertices, edges, polygons background
show bake UI bool reveals extended bake UI features (Bake button, font properties)

We added a way to show extended features in the main Node UI.


With show bake UI toggled, the Node unhides a selection of UI elements considered useful for Baking Text in preparation for fabrication. If no font is selected the default BFont will be used. BFont won’t be visible in this list until you have done at least one bake during the current Blender session.

Glyph to Geometry

Font glyph conversion is done by Blender. If it produces strange results then most likely the font’s Glyph contains invsibile mistakes. Blender’s font parser takes no extra precautions to catch inconsistant Glyph definitions.

Bake locations

Depending on the toggle set in Verts | Edges | Faces, the text can be shown and baked at various locations.

Mode Location
Verts directly on the vertex location (adjusted if Matrix is input too)
Edges in-between the two vertices of the edge
Faces the average location of all vertices associated with the polygon

Orientation of baked text

Currently only flat on the XY plane. Z = 0


No socket output, but does output to 3d-view as either openGL drawing instructions or proper Meshes when Baking.


IndexViewerDemo1.PNG IndexViewerDemo2.PNG IndexViewerDemo3.PNG