Texture Viewer


This node allows viewing a list of scalar values and Vectors as a texture, very useful to display data from fractal, noise nodes and others, before outputting to a viewer_draw_mk2.

Uses OpenGl calls to display the data.


Floats and Vectors input


Feature info
Float input float and Vectors nested list
Show may be true or false: display or not the texture
Pass may be true or false: transfer data to the internal image viewer
Set texture display choose the size of the texture to display: (64x64px,128x128px, 256x256px, 512x512px, 1024x1024px)
Set color mode set the color mode: BW = grayscale image, RGB = image with red, green, blu channels RGBA = image with red, green, blu, alpha channels
Custom tex may be true or false: enable custom size of texture
Width tex must be int: set the width of the texture when Custom tex is enabled
Height tex must be int: set the height of the texture when Custom tex is enabled


Directly into node tree view in a blue bordered square or if you choose the Pass option the texture may be transfered to the internal image viewer/editor.

Properties panel

You can save the texture in the desired folder. You can choose the format:

##### jpeg, jp2, bmp, tiff, tga, tga(raw), exr, exr(multilayer), png

Save the texture clicking on the button SAVE. You can save also passing the image to the blender image editor with option Pass. This is much preferred because there are more saving options.


Basic usage:


Important notes

The Texture viewer node need adequate data size, this mean that number of input pixels should be equal to the output. If not you will receive an error. See the image below for an RGBA example: