Vector Polar Input

destination after Beta: Vector


This node generates a vector from it’s cylindrical or spherical coordinates. Angles can be measured in radians or in degrees.

Inputs & Parameters

All parameters except for Coordinates and Angles mode can be specified using corresponding inputs.

Parameter Type Default Description
Coordinates Cylindrical or Spherical Cylindrical Which coordinates system to use.
Angles mode Radians or Degrees Radians Interpret input angles as specified in radians or degrees.
rho Float 0.0 Rho coordinate.
phi Float 0.0 Phi coordinate.
z Float 0.0 Z coordinate. This input is used only for cylindrical coordinates.
theta Float 0.0 Theta coordinate. This input is used only for spherical coordinates.


This node has one output: Vectors. Inputs and outputs are vectorized, so if you pass series of values to one of inputs, you will get series of vectors.

Examples of usage

An archimedian spiral:

Logariphmic spiral:


With spherical coordinates, you can easily generate complex forms: