Vector Interpolation Stripes


Performs cubic spline STRIPES interpolation based on input points by creating a function x,y,z = f(t) with tU=[0,1], tU=[0,1] and attractor vertex. The interpolation is based on the distance between the input points. Stripes outputs as two lines of points for each object, so UVconnect node can handle it and make polygons for stripes.

Input & Output

socket name Description
input Vertices Points to interpolate
input tU Values to interpolate in U direction
input tV Values to interpolate in V direction
input Attractor Vertex point as attractor of influence
output vStripes Interpolated points as grouped stripes [[a,b],[a,b],[a,b]], where a and b groups [v,v,v,v,v], where v - is vertex
output vShape Interpolated points simple interpolation
output sCoefs String of float coefficients for each point


Factor - is multiplyer after produce function as sinus/cosinus/etc. Scale - is multiplyer before produce function as sinus/cosinus/etc. Function - popup function between Simple/Multiplyed/Sinus/Cosinus/Power/Square

Parameters extended

minimum - minimum value of stripe width (0.0 to 0.5) maximum - maximum value of stripe width (0.5 to 1.0)


Making surface with stripes separated in two groups of nodes for UVconnect node to process:

interpolation stripes