Object In


Takes object from scene to sverchok. Support meshed, empties, curves, NURBS, but all converting to mesh. Empties has only matrix data. Than sorting by name. If you write group of objects to group field, all object in signed group will be imported. It understands also vertes groups, when activated, showing additional socket representing indexes, that you can use to sort or mask edges/polygons. or do any you want with vertex groups. All groups cached in one list, but without weight.




Param Type Description
G E T Button Button to get selected objects from scene.
group String Name of group to import every object from group to Sverchok
sorting Bool, toggle Sorting inserted objects by name
post Bool, toggle Postprocessing, if activated, modifiers applyed to mesh before importing
vert groups Bool, toggle Import all vertex groups that in object’s data. just import indexes


Output Description
Vertices Vertices of objects
Edges Edges of objects
Polygons Polyfons of objects
Matrixes Matrices of objects
_Vers_grouped_ Vertex groups’ indeces from all vertex groups



Importing cobe and look to indeces.