Dupli Instances


This node exposes the functionality of the Duplication types VERTS and FACES to the Sverchok node tree. The Node works in two ways. One mode accepts just Locations, the other mode accepts just Matrices.

Features Description
Locations the node generates a proper blender mesh internally, based on vertices. The duplication is set to VERTS.
Matrices the node generates a vertex+face mesh using the transforms contained in individual matrices. First it makes a unit 1 triangle, then multiplies the vertex coordinates with a matrix. This is done for each of the passed matrices. Passing 4 matrices, makes 4 triangles : a total of 12 verts and 4 faces. The duplication is set to FACES.
Child Object You pick the child Object from the UI.
Parent Object (not exposed to the UI) , this is generated internally from the Locations or Matrices socket data

The name of the internal parent object in this example is ‘booom’ , but this can be changed and should probably be node specific.



Input Description
Locations Vertices, coordinates, vectors, 3tuples, 3lists
Matrices full on 4*4 transform matrices (but scale is converted to uniform)


The only parameter is the Object selection, it needs to duplicate something


It’s worth mentioning that because the faces duplication relies on the area of the triangle to determin the scale, that the scale is a scalar, and therefor uniform (x,y,z are scaled equally).