automatically creates a group of vertices and allows you to assign each vertex weight in many different ways

Input sockets

vertIND - Connect here a list of needed vertex indexes, or node automatically creates a list of indexes of all vertices of the object

weights - vertex weights (floats less than 0.0 count as 0.0, bigger than 1.0 count as 1.0)


clear unused - (on side panel) zero weights for all vertices which is not indexed in the list of indexes

object name - name of object to create vertex group for.


https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/7894950/4438270/fb374678-47a9-11e4-8aa3-777def8de15d.png https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/7894950/4474551/8c0e9184-4961-11e4-9b91-3cd9ea1c88d4.png