Exponential Sequence

destination after Beta: Number


This node produces specified number of items from exponential sequence, defined by formula x_n = x0*exp(alpha*n) or x_n = x0*base^n. Obviously, these formulas are equivalent when alpha = log(base).

Sequence can be re-scaled so that maximum of absolute values of produced items will be equal to specified value.

Note. Please do not forget well-known properties of exponential sequences:

  • They grow very quickly when base is greater than 1.0 (or alpha greater than 0.0).
  • They decrease very quickly when base is less than 1.0 (or alpha less than 0.0).

Inputs & Parameters

All parameters except for Mode can be given by the node or an external input. This node has the following parameters:

Parameter Type Default Description
Mode Enum: Log or Base Log If Log, then x_n = x0*exp(alpha*n). If Base, then x_n = x0*base^n.
X0 Float 1.0 Item of sequence for N=0.
Alpha Float 0.1 Coefficient in formula exp(alpha*n). Used only in Log mode.
Base Float 2.0 Exponential base in formula base^n. Used only in Base mode.
N from Int 0 Minimal value of N.
N to Int 10 Maximal value of N.
Max Float 0.0 If non-zero, then all output sequence will be re-scaled so that maximum of absolute values will be equal to number specified.


This node has one output: Sequence.

Inputs and outputs are vectorized, so if series of values is passed to one of inputs, then this node will produce several sequences.

Example of usage

Given simplest nodes setup:


you will have something like: