This node make section possible to make as manufactured wafel structure. There is always pair of wafel nodes, two directions.

If you want start with this node - try open json first.

  1. Import from import sverchok panel waffel_minimal.json to new layout.
  2. Make some order in layout and developt to needed condition.


vecLine - lines sected between sections of solid object. Form factor of object. each object has only two certices defining this section.

vecPlane - vectors of one side section.

edgPlane - closed edges (not planes) of one side section.

thickness - thickness of material to use in thickness of waffel slots.


threshold - threshold of line length from vecLine to limit cut material when producing.

Up/Down - direction of slots, there is only two cases, up or down. Not left and right and no XY directed vecLines never. Remember this.


rounded - rounded edges.

Bind2 - circles to bind.

Contra - contrplane to define where to flip Up and Down direction. It is same as vecPlane.

Tube - case of section lines, making holes in body. It is same as vecLine.


vert - vertices of output.

edge - edges of output.

centers - polygons centers.


Always make matrices rotations not orthogonal, it will not work 100%. Making something like (1.0,0.001,0) will work for matrix sections.

Always use Cross section nodes, not bisect, it will not work.


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