Adaptative Polygons


Share one object’s verts+faces to another object’s verts+faces. Donor spreads itself onto recipient polygons, every polygon recieves a copy of the donor object and deforms according to the recipients face normals.

Limitations: This node was created primarily with Quads (quadrilateral polygons) in mind, and will output unusual meshes if you feed it Tris or Ngons in the recipient Mesh. Original code taken with permission from by Alessandro Zomparelli (sketchesofcode).


  • VersR and PolsR is Recipient object’s data.
  • VersD and PolsD is donor’s object data.
  • Z_Coef is coefficient of height, can be vectorized.



Param Type Description
Donor width Float Donor’s spread width is part from recipient’s polygons width


Vertices and Polygons are data for created object.

Example of usage