Analogous to the spin operator and the Screw modifier. It takes a profile shape as input in the form of vertices and edges and produces vertices and faces based on a rotation axis, angle, center, delta and step count. Internally the node is powered by the bmesh.spin operator.


It’s vectorized, meaning it accepts nested and multiple inputs and produces multiple sets of output


All Vector parameters (except axis) default to (0,0,0) if no input is given.

Param Type Description
cent Vector central coordinate around which to pivot
axis Vector axis around which to rotate around the pivot, default (0, 0, 1)
dvec Vector is used to push the center Vector by a Vector quantity per step
Degrees Scalar, Float angle of the total rotation. Default 360.0
Steps Scalar, Int numer of rotation steps. Default 20
Merge Bool, toggle removes double vertices if the geometry can be merged, usually used to prevent doubles of first profile and last profile copy. Default off.


Vertices and Poly. Verts and Polys will be generated. The bmesh.spin operator doesn’t consider the ordering of the Vertex and Face indices that it outputs. This might make additional processing complicated, use IndexViewer to better understand the generated geometry. Faces will however have consistent Normals.

Example of usage

See the progress of how this node came to life here (gifs, screenshots)

Glass, Vase.