Extrude Region


This node applies Extrude operator to the region of selected faces, as whole. After that, resulting faces can be either transformed by any matrix, or moved along normal and scaled. If transformation is specified by matrix, it is possible to provide specific matrix for each vertex.


This node has the following inputs:

  • Vertices
  • Edges
  • Polygons
  • Mask. List of boolean or integer flags. Zero means do not process face with corresponding index. If this input is not connected, then by default all faces will be processed.
  • Height. Extrude factor. Available only in Along normal mode.
  • Scale. Scaling factor. Available only in Along normal mode.
  • Matrix. Transformation matrices. Available only in Matrix mode.


This node has the following parameters:

  • Transformation mode. Controls how the transformation of extruded vertices is specified. There are two modes available:
    • Matrix. This is the default mode. Transformation is specified by matrix provided at Matrix input.
    • Along normal. Vertices are translated along normal and scaled. Please note, that by normal here we mean average of normals of selected faces. Scaling center is average center of selected faces.
  • Multiple extrude. This parameter defines how to deal with multiple matrices passed into Matrix input or multiple values passed into Height and Scale inputs. This parameter is available only in Matrix mode; in Along normal mode, this parameter is always checked.
    • If not checked (and Matrix mode is used), then each matrix provided will be applied to corresponding extruded vertex. So number of matrices in input is expected to be from 1 to the number of vertices which are extruded.
    • If checked, or Along normal mode is used, then extrusion operation may be performed several times:
      • In Along normal mode, extrusion operation will be performed one time for each pair of Height and Scale input values.
      • In Matrix mode, extrusion operation will be performed one time for each matrix passed into Matrix input.
  • Keep original. If checked, the original geometry will be passed to output as well as extruded geometry. This parameter is visible only in Properties (N) panel.
  • Height. Available only in Along normal mode. Extrude factor as a portion of face normal length. Default value of zero means do not extrude. Negative value means extrude to the opposite direction. This parameter can be also provided via corresponding input.
  • Scale. Available only in Along normal mode. Scale factor. Default value of 1 means do not scale. This parameter can be also provided via corresponding input.


This node has the following outputs:

  • Vertices. All vertices of resulting mesh.
  • Edges. All edges of resulting mesh.
  • Polygons. All faces of resulting mesh.
  • NewVerts. Only newly created vertices.
  • NewEdges. Only newly created edges.
  • NewFaces. Only newly created faces.

Note 1: Indicies in NewEdges, NewFaces outputs relate to vertices in Vertices output, not to NewVerts ones.

Note 2: If multiple extrusion is used, then NewVerts, NewEdges, NewFaces outputs will contain only geometry created by last extrusion operation.

Examples of usage

Extrude along normal:


Extrude by scale matrix:


Multiple extrusion mode: