Functionality is almost completely analogous to the two built-in blender operators bpy.context.scene.ray_cast and object.ray_cast. Ray is casted from “start” vector to “end” vector and can hit polygons of mesh objects.

see docs: bpy.types.Object.ray_cast and bpy.types.Scene.ray_cast

Input sockets

Start - “start” vectors

End - “end” vectors


parameter description
object name Name of object to analize. (For object_space mode only)
raycast modes

In object_space mode: node works like bpy.types.Object.ray_cast (origin of object- center of coordinate for Start & End).

In world_space mode: node works like bpy.types.Scene.ray_cast.

Output sockets

socket name description
Hitp Hit location for every raycast
Hitnorm Normal of hit polygon (in “object_space” mode-local coordinates, in “world_space”- global
Index/succes For object_space mode: index of hit polygon. For world_space mode: True if ray hit mesh object, otherwise False.
data object bpy.data.objects[hit object] or None type if ray doesn’t hit a mesh object. (only in “world_space” mode)
hit object matrix Matrix of hit/struck object. (only in “world_space” mode)


https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/7894950/4437227/4ac2cc4a-4790-11e4-8359-040da4398213.png https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/7894950/4536920/7e47f270-4dd0-11e4-97fd-7d34d56229a0.png