Angles at the Edges

This node testing is in progress, so it can be found under Beta menu


This node calculates angles at the edges of input mesh. Angles can be measured in radians or degrees.


This node has the following inputs:

  • Vertices.
  • Edges. Note that this input should be connected in order for output angles to be in correct order.
  • Polygons.


This node has the following parameters:

Parameter Type Default Description
Signed Boolean False If checked, then the node will output negative values for concave edges. By default, it always outputs positive angles.
Complement Boolean False Output complementary angle to one calculated by BMesh. BMesh assumes that angle between two complanar faces is zero. With this flag checked, the node will output PI (or 180) for angle between complanar faces.
Wire/Boundary value Enum Default

What to return as angle for wire or boundary edges. BMesh returns some angle by default for such edges, but in some cases these values do not make sense. This parameter is displayed only in N panel.

Use value returned by BMesh.
Return zero.
Return PI (or 180).
Return PI/2 (or 90).
Return None.
Angles mode Enum Radian Whether to measure angles in radians or in degrees.


This node has one output: Angles. The output contains calculated angles at the edges of input mesh. Angles are in the order of edges in the Edges input. If the Edges input is not connected or is empty, then angles will be in order returned by BMesh, which is, strictly speaking, random order.

Example of usage

Bevel only acute angles: